【Nagoya/Kanayama Departure】Shirakawago・Takayama Old Street【One Day Tour】


 Product Code【05-10RC-H1】

Takayama Old Street+Shirakawago

Get a glimpse of old-times rural Japan by joining this tour that will bring you to two of the major sightseeing spots of central Japan.
Marvel at the sight of thatched roof houses in the UNESCO world heritage site Shirakawa village (Shirakawa-go) and enjoy some local food while strolling through the old japanese-style streets.

*With English-speaking guide accompanying the group throughout the day.

*Departure confirmed from 10 participants.

*Departing everyday!

-Tour Schedule-

07:50  Nagoya Station VIP LINER Bus Stop【MAP】
08:30  Kanayama Station North Exit VIP LINER Bus Stop【MAP】
11:00  Takayama (120 mins)
*Free time for lunch (Lunch on your own)
14:00  Shirakawago (120 mins)
18:30  Arrival at Nagoya Station
19:00  Arrival at Kanayama station



You will have the chance to explore the Takayama old street,characterized by the traditional buildings made with fine wood work.
Takayama is often nicknamed 'little Kyoto' due to its traditional touch that still remain today.
The streets of this district are lined with traditional houses, shops, restaurants, cafes and sake shop.
You can have some free tasting of the local spirits.


The old gassho-zukuri (thached-roof) style houses are spotted around this mountain village.
Surrounded by rice paddies, you can breath the atmosphere of rural Japan.
The large houses with steeply pitched thatched roofs are some of the very few examples of their kind remaining in Japan.

-Special Present-

Nagoya Station VIP LINER Bus Stop

Departure Time-7:50 (Meeting Time-7:40)


Kanayama Station North Exit VIP LINER Bus Stop

Departure Time-8:30 (Meeting Time-8:20)


-Tour Details-

Tour duration    One day
Departing from    Nagoya.Kanayama
Transport by    Bus
Meal inclusion    Lunch not included in tour price.
Participants required for departure    10 participants
Guided in    English:Monday.Thursday.Friday
Inclusions    Round-trip bus fare・Parking fees・Highway fees・Various taxes・Tour conductor fees
NOTICE   ・In case of tour cancellation, you will be contacted by email at least 4 days prior to the participation date.
  ・Commentary will be given inside the bus. Once the group arrives at a sightseeing spot, customers will be able to go around and visit at their own pace.
  ・Depending on the number of participants on the day, English and Chinese commentary might be given in the same bus.
  ・Children under 3 years old can take part for free but have to be sat on their parent's lap as no seat will be provided.
  ・The tour schedule might be subject to changes due to the traffic conditions on the day.
  ・Please make sure to arrive at the meeting place at least 10 minutes before the departure time.

・Cancellation policy:
On the day: 100%
24hours prior to departure: 40%
from 2 to 7 days prior to departure: 30%
from 8 to 10 days prior to departure: 20%
11 days prior to departure: free cancellation

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