Terms and Conditions

1. Your agreement
1.1 This website (“this website”) is operated by Travel. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using this website and the services provided through this website (“Service”) by Heisei Enterprise Corporation and its affiliates or third-party operators (“operators”)
(“These “Terms of Use””). The terms “you” and “your” used in these terms include (1) anyone who accesses this website and (2) anyone who purchases services through you

2. Changes to “Terms of Use”
2.1 Revised by Heisei Institute Co., Ltd.
Travelling can modify or update these “Terms of Use” at any time and from time to time at the absolute discretion of the company, without prior notice. You should regularly check the latest version of the “Terms of Use” for the constraints. If Lu Zhi Xing modifies or updates these Terms of Use, Lu Zhi Xing will post the changes or amendments on this web page and indicate the date of the last revision of these Terms of Use at the bottom of this page.

3 Log in and use the service
3.1 Content ownership
3.1.1 This website, domain name (tabiaruko.com), subdomains, technical functions, data content and application services (including but not limited to mobile application services) or related services provided regularly by TravelTravel are all Owned and operated by Luzhixing.
3.2 Rights and responsibilities of accessing services
Under the “Terms of Use”, Travel Travel can provide services on its own or on behalf of other operators, and these services are more fully explained on this website. The services you select on this website are for your personal use only, and may not be provided to any third party for use or gain any benefits. The term “services” includes, but is not limited to, the use of this website, and the use of any services provided on this website by Travel Travel on its own or on behalf of other businesses. Travel Trip reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate any service from time to time, including any technical functions, database or content information. Travel Trip also reserves the right to add specifications, amend terms to individual services, or restrict your access to some or all of the services without prior notice.

4. Website and content
4.1 Use of content
4.1.1 All materials used or presented on this website, including but not limited to text, data, images, articles, photos, images, illustrations, videos, sound effects and other materials and materials (hereinafter collectively referred to as “content”) are subject to Copyright and/
Or the protection of intellectual property rights. All content on this website is only limited to your personal and non-commercial use of services, and must be used in accordance with the “Terms of Use”.

5. Intellectual Property Rights
5.1 Intellectual Property
All intellectual property rights related to this website belong to or have been authorized to use this website. In accordance with applicable copyright laws, international conventions and other relevant intellectual property laws, this website, services and content are collective works and/or editorial content, and should be protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. You promise: (a) You shall not revise, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale, reproduce, create derivative works, distribute, execute, or present any content, software, data or services on this website in whole or in part. Or use it in any way. (B) You are limited to downloading or copying content (and other items presented on this website or related to the service) for personal and non-commercial purposes, and ensure that you have complied with all copyrights and other terms contained in such content announcement. (C)
You must not store a significant portion of any content in any form. Except for personal non-commercial purposes, the company expressly prohibits you from copying or storing any content without obtaining prior written permission from the traveler or the copyright holder specified in the copyright notice.

6. Information submitted by users
6.1 Upload data
When accessing this website or using the service, the information you provide may be used by travel and/or other businesses related to the service, and other users of this website may see this information. When you post information or content on this website, or provide content, data or information (hereinafter collectively referred to as “data submitted by users”) to Travel Travel and/or other businesses related to the service in other ways, that means : (A) You authorize the travel and other businesses to use part or all of the information submitted by these users (including all related intellectual property rights of such information) when providing services and operating this website and the business of the travel. , Including but not limited to the use of any media form and the promotion and redistribution of part or all of the services (and derivative works) through any media channels. The aforementioned authorization is non-exclusive, can be used worldwide, free of royalties, perpetual, irrevocable, and The right to sub-authorize and transferable; (b) You agree and authorize travel to use your personal data in accordance with the “Privacy Protection Policy” that is in effect from time to time; (c) You also authorize every use of this website Through the functions of this website, within the scope permitted by this “Terms of Use”, you can access the information submitted by your users on this website, and use, modify, reproduce, distribute, compile derivative works, present and execute this For the information submitted by the user, the aforementioned authorization is a non-exclusive right; (d) You confirm and agree here that TravelTravel has the right to rearrange, modify, create derivative works, extract and translate any of your user submissions data. In order to clarify doubts, unless otherwise agreed in writing, the aforementioned rights granted to travel will not affect your ownership of the information submitted by the user or the right to authorize others to use such information; and (e) you only declare and Ensure that the user content you submit (including, but not limited to: text, images and photos) does not violate or damage any existing laws, regulations or third-party rights; and (f) you must be solely responsible for posting publicly on this website or through All the information submitted by users privately transmitted by this website, Travel Trip is not responsible for any content errors or omissions.

7. User’s declaration, guarantee and commitment
7.1 Use of this website and services
You declare, guarantee and promise that you will not provide any user information to third parties in the following ways, or use this website or services in such ways: (a) Infringement or violation of the intellectual property rights or exclusive rights of any third party Right, publicity or privacy or other rights; (b) Violation of any rules and regulations; (c) Harmful, fraudulent, false, threatening, abuse, harassment, infringement, defamation, indecent, obscene, obscene, or other unacceptable (D) Participating in commercial activities and/or sales, such as competitions, games, bartering, advertisements or pyramid sales without obtaining the prior written consent of the trip; (e) defamation or impersonation of any Persons or legal entities, including but not limited to any employee or representative who travels; or (f) contains virus programs, Trojan horse programs, worm programs, time bomb programs, or other harmful computer code, files or programs .

8. Account registration and security
8.1 Open travel account
8.1.1 In the process of using the service, you may need to open and maintain a travel account on the travel travel website upon request
8.2 Provision of personal data
Based on the terms of use of some services, you may need to register and set a password and user name (travel user ID) on the travel trip upon request. If you log in through a third-party website or service, TravelTravel may require your TravelTravel user ID to be consistent with your user name on the third-party website or service.
8.2.2 You must provide Luzhike with accurate, complete and up-to-date user information. Failure to provide it truthfully will be regarded as a violation of these terms of use and may immediately terminate the right to use Luzhike account.
8.2.3 You declare that you should never: (a) choose or use another person’s Journey User ID in an attempt to imitate that person; or (b) Use another person’s Journey User ID without authorization.
8.2.4 TravelTravel reserves the right to refuse to register or cancel TravelTravel account at its absolute discretion.

9. Evaluation-Further Correspondence-Right to Use User Content
In order to complete the order, you agree to receive the booking confirmation notification (email and/or app notification), and after completing the event order, you will receive an email or app notification that invites you to fill in the event evaluation. You are free to decide whether to fill in. Order confirmation and event review invitations are all part of the booking process. They are not part of advertising communications or marketing.
9.2 By publishing the evaluation, you indicate that you grant Luzhixing the complete, permanent, free, transferable and irrevocable right to all users. Luzhixing has the right to edit, adjust, refuse to adopt or delete relevant content at its own discretion.
9.3 You confirm that you will abide by the user evaluation norms, and declare and guarantee:
9.3.1 You own and have the right to control the published or distributed user content, or you have the legal right to publish or distribute user content through the platform;
9.3.2 The content is accurate and not misleading; and
9.3.3 The use, publication or other dissemination of the content does not violate the terms of use or any corresponding laws and regulations, and will not violate the rights of any individual or organization, and will not cause any harm to it.
The evaluation must not contain derogation, obscene language, unpretentiousness, threats and abuse, or advocacy of illegal behavior. It must not contain other people’s personal information such as name, phone number or email address, and irrelevant content such as promotional messages, invitations and rewards . In addition, comments must not contain content that is defamatory, offensive, or violates other legal rights.
9.5 You authorize Travel Travel to maintain legal prosecution rights to persons or organizations that violate your rights or travel rights and violate the terms of use. You also agree to be solely responsible for the user content provided.
9.6 The content submitted by the user will be regarded as non-confidential information, and the trip will not regard it as exclusive information.
In addition to the above, Luzhixing reserves the right to use the content appropriately, including and not limited to, deleting, editing, changing, not accepting, or refusing to publish. Travelling does not need to pay you any fees, nor does it need to provide you with the opportunity to edit, delete or change the published content. Luzhixing is not responsible for granting you the right of authorship for the content, nor is it responsible for enforcing the authorship of third parties. Please refer to the terms of use on the platform to learn more.

10. Order confirmation, tickets, vouchers, fees and payment
10.1 Order confirmation
10.1.1 Some designated activities or services accept immediate confirmation. Except for such activities or services, any confirmation time stated on this website is for reference only. The actual confirmation time required will be adjusted according to the situation.
10.2 Proof of purchase and use
Through this website, you can order service e-vouchers (hereinafter referred to as “vouchers”) provided by destination suppliers. Subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant supplier, you will receive an email confirming your order, which will contain the confirmation number of the voucher (hereinafter referred to as the “confirmation number”) and a printable version of your voucher.
In order to use your voucher, you must personally appear at the meeting place designated by the relevant supplier on time and present the documents and/or information that the supplier may request, which may include your confirmation number and/or your printed voucher. If you fail to show up on time, or fail to provide the necessary documents or information, you will not receive services or refunds.

11. Invite preferential programs
11.1 Scheme
TravelTravel can provide members with opportunities to obtain discounts or discounts on some of its websites. When members invite their friends to become members of TravelTravel.com, and these friends send membership applications through the invitation channel authorized by TravelTravel (e.g. Through Luzhixing’s website, Facebook or other social media channels supported by Luzhixing), members can get invitation discounts.
11.2 Terms
11.2.1 You can only obtain this invitation discount through the member invitation mechanism authorized by TravelTravel, and invitations made outside the channels authorized by TravelTravel cannot enjoy any invitation discounts. Invitation offers cannot be transferred, auctioned, bartered or sold, and cannot be shared with other members.
You can only get the invitation discount when your friend completes the first valid booking on the TravelTravel website through the channel authorized by TravelTravel because of your invitation. If your friend fails to comply with the instructions in the invitation email or other valid invitation mechanism, and accepts such invitations, you will not receive the invitation discount, and the trip will not be responsible for you if your friend fails to follow the instructions .
You agree that it is a violation of these “Terms of Use” to hold several Travel Travel accounts, and sending invitation letters to other emails or accounts, or other ways to try to circumvent Travel Travel’s invitation discount scheme system may cause you Loss of membership and all invitation offers in your account, and such cancellation does not affect other rights or remedies for travel.
11.2.4 You are not allowed to publicize our invitation preferential program by yourself. You may not engage in any publicity, marketing or other advertising activities on behalf of Luzhixing, including using any trademarks of Luzhixing.
11.2.5 If we suspect that the referral or invitation discount was obtained by fraud, violation of these “Terms of Use”, or other methods not agreed by Travel Travel, Travel Travel reserves the right to cancel the invitee and invitation discount obtained by the member.
11.2.6 After one of the eligible invitees successfully booked the event for the first time, TravelTravel will send the invitation discount to your account within 24 hours.
11.2.7 According to the usage behavior of each user, Luzhixing reserves the right to modify the preferential content of the Luzhixing invite friends program.
As long as it does not violate the law, the invitation preferential scheme is effective. Luzhixing reserves the right to amend or terminate the invitation discount plan at any time. If accumulating and/or using invitation offers will result in any tax liability, participants must fulfill these responsibilities themselves. You understand that your account may not be able to correctly display the invitation offers you have actually obtained, and TravelTravel will not be responsible for any errors in your account.

Last update on December 19, 2019