Mount Fuji Climbing | Professional Mount Guide Accompaniment・Chinese&English Service| Stay at the 8th Station

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Assembly in Yokohama.Tokyo.Shinjuku | Chinese.English Service | Two day One night

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✨Additional items and size information✨
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・Renting 6 complete sets・
3 sets of raincoat outfits、Hiking boots、Backpacks(30L)、Backpack waterproof cover、Hiking poles(a pair)、Headlamp

・Renting 3 sets of raincoat outfits・
Branded as Columbia or Patagonia
Chest circumference79~87cm86~90cm90~95cm95~101cm101~107cm
Waist circumference62~69cm72~76cm76~81cm81~87cm87~93cm
・Renting hiking boots・
All-weather high-top hiking boots with full ankle coverage, branded as Caravan or KEEN.
Size23.0cm~30.0cm(0.5cm as one unit)
・Renting waterproof hiking hat・
Made with GORE-TEX material.(separate men's and women's styles)

・Waterproof gloves(Not available for rental, only for sale)・
Used for warmth and protection of hands during mountain climbing.

・Fleece-lined thermal jacket(Not available for rental, only for sale)・
To cope with the harsh cold climate of Mount Fuji, we also offer lightweight and warm fleece-lined thermal jackets for purchase, available in sizes from XS to XL.

・Knee pads*1(Not available for rental, only for sale)・
Help relieve knee pain during descent.

Product code【04F-A110-H2】


|Guaranteed accommodation at the 8th Station mountain hut|

①Haku-un-so ②GANSO MURO ③Mount FUJI Hotel ④Horaikan
⑤Edoya(Chesotsuki) ⑥Edoya(Shimoedoya) mountain hut is located at the 8th Station.

※Due to rule changes this year, if you are registering more than one person,
please provide the English passport names of your companions via the official LINE@ account or in the reservation remarks section.

|Professional Mount Fuji climbing guides provide climbing support.|

Service in Chinese&English.prioritizing safety.employing a small group system
One professional mountain guide accompanies every 20 to 25 guests.
We will ensure that the mountain guides can always monitor the condition of the guests during the climb.

~ Professional Mount Fuji guides ~
Accompanied by Mount Fuji-certified professional guides from Fujiyoshida City,Yamanashi Prefecture.
We offer detailed walking guidance and pace control, and make decisions on climbing based on weather conditions.
This ensures a worry-free climbing experience, even for beginners.

|Summit climbers will be awarded a Mount Fuji summit certificate|

The image is for reference only.Please refer to the actual one issued on-site.
(The certificate date is usually the day after the event. EX.register for 7/15-7/16, the certificate date will be 7/16.)

|Available as an optional add-on|

Summit tour 1,100 yen per person(On-site purchase and cash payment available)
The "Summit Tour" around the crater takes approximately 90 minutes。
Due to weather limitations, severe conditions such as strong winds may lead to the cancellation of this activity.
If you are confident in your physical ability, this challenge is not to be missed.
※Summit Tour:10 participants required for group formation
※For safety reasons, the summit tour will take place after sunrise, and it will be suspended after late August.
※If the summit tour activity proceeds, the summit tour and descent teams will be reorganized.


Q1.What does the itinerary include?
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・Round-trip bus transportation(Yokohama〔Only provides boarding service〕、Tokyo、Shinjuku)
・Mixed-gender Mountain hut one-night stay(Guaranteed at the 8th Station)
・Two meals(Dinner on the first day; breakfast on the second day)
・Mountain guide(Chinese&English service)
・One bottle of water(500ml)
・Cost of hot spring bath on return journey(Benifuji Onsen or Fuji-sensui Onsen)
・Towels provided for hot spring bath on return journey
・Mount Fuji entrance fee(2,000 Japanese yen)
・Original Mount Fuji 'Kongosho' with special discount(Available for purchase on-site with a discount of ¥100 yen)
・Portable oxygen with special discount(Available for purchase on-site with a discount of ¥100 yen)
・Refreshment after descent! Special discount on ice cream treats!(Available for purchase on-site with a discount of ¥100 yen)
※Mount Fuji Conservation Fund ¥1,000 yen(This fee is not included and must be paid on-site in cash)
※This tour includes only basic car insurance. Please consider getting travel insurance in your country or in Japan.

Q2.What are the recommended items to bring when climbing?
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Based on advice from our professional mountain guides with over 100 Mount Fuji climbs, essentials include:
①Water.Beverages|②Portable food like energy bars
③Portable towels.handkerchiefs|④Mobile phone
⑤Sunscreen lotion.sunscreen oil|⑥Plastic bags
⑦Coins|⑧First aid kit・emergency supplies
⑨Wet wipes|⑩Toilet paper

The following is a list of essential equipment to ensure mountain climbing safety:
①Backpack|②Waterproof cover for the backpack
③Headlamp|④Raincoat.Rain gear
⑤Hiking boots|⑥Plastic bags
⑦Coins, approximately 5,000 yen|⑧Hiking poles
⑨Auxiliary equipment, e.g., knee pads, hiking poles

Q3.What clothing should I wear for hiking?
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The "layering" method is key.!
①T-shirt・Long-sleeved clothing|②Thermal underwear
③Hiking pants|④Hiking skirt
⑤Sweater|⑥Down jacket
⑦Hat|⑧Waterproof non-slip gloves
⑨Socks|⑩Sunglasses.Hiking mask

Q4.Can luggage be stored on the bus?
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Due to potential different buses for the round trip, luggage cannot be stored on the bus.
If there is a need for luggage storage, the 5th Station 'Miharashi' provides coin-operated lockers (for a fee) and luggage storage service (payment required on-site)
The number of lockers is limited, and availability may be limited upon arrival.

Q5.Will the itinerary be canceled in case of rain?
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The itinerary will proceed as scheduled even in rainy weather. Only in the case of severe weather conditions such as typhoons will it be canceled.
We will contact you by 8:00 PM the night before.。
Please make sure to provide your email address and mobile phone number for contact.
If you do not receive our notification, the activity will proceed as planned.。

※If weather conditions deteriorate after 8:00 PM, such as the closure of the Subaru Line due to adverse weather on Mount Fuji, we may cancel the day's itinerary after the assembly.
In such cases, after deducting necessary expenses such as transportation and accommodation fees, the remaining amount will be refunded.

※No refunds will be provided for cancellations of the itinerary after departure (once the bus has departed).

Q6.Is there an age limit?
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The age limit for participating in Mount Fuji climbing is from 6 to 75 years old.
Participants under 6 years old and over 76 years old are not allowed to participate.
Participants aged 70 and above are required to fill out the 'Mount Fuji Climbing Questionnaire' in advance and send it to us as an email attachment.
Questionnaire download link[Japanese version]

Q7.Can I change participants or cancel the tour and equipment?
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Changes can be made free of charge up to one week before departure (7 days).
However, after this period, Changes cannot be made due to finalizing the hiker list.
Additionally, cancellation fees for reducing the number of participants will begin to be charged 20 days before departure.
Cancellation dateCancellation fee
a)before 21 daysFree
b)before 8-20 days20%
c)before 2-7 days30%
d)The day before the start of the trip40%
e)The day of departure before the start of the trip50%
f)Not participating after the trip has started or without contacting no show100%

Tour Schedule

ItineraryWalking timeMeals
First dayApproximately 3-5 hoursDinner
06:00Departure from Yokohama【MAP】
06:40Departure from Tokyo【MAP】
07:30Departure from Shinjuku【MAP】

<Shutoko (Metropolitan Expressway).Chuo Expressway>

<Subaru Line on Mount Fuji>

5th Station

(Lunch on your own.Prepare for climbing at the 5th Station)
Mount Fuji.Yoshida Trail

5th Station
6th Station
7th Station
8th Station

Mountain hut
8th Station or Hon 8th Station (Rest)

※The climbing route may be canceled due to weather conditions or other factors as determined by the mountain guide.
Second dayProceed to the summit
Approximately 2-4 hours
Descend, approximately 4 hours
23:00~02:00Mountain hut
8th Station
Hon 8th Station
Summit (Viewing sunrise.breakfast)
<Descent trail>
5th Station(Departure from 11:30-12:30)

<Subaru Line on Mount Fuji>

Benifuji Onsen or Fuji-sensui Onsen
(Includes hot spring.Lunch on your own, approximately 2 hours)

<Chuo Expressway>
Expected at 17:00Shinjuku
Expected at 17:30Tokyo
※The return journey on Sundays is expected to arrive in Shinjuku around 18:00 and in Tokyo around 18:30.
The meeting time in Yokohama and Tokyo is 5 minutes before departure, and in Shinjuku it is 20 minutes before departure.
※Attention! Individuals with tattoos are kindly requested not to use the hot spring facilities on the return journey.

Meeting point

Yokohama Station East Exit - In front of the Former Railway Model Museum【MAP】

Local time in Japan.
Meeting time:05:55/Departure time:06:00

Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit - Exit 26 of Yaesu Underground Street【MAP】

Local time in Japan.
Meeting time:06:35/Departure time:06:40

Shinjuku Station West Exit - In front of Shinjuku Post Office【MAP】

Local time in Japan.
Meeting time:07:10/Departure time:07:30

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