【Sale】Kawaguchiko Day Tour|Tokyo Dep|Houtou Noodle Meals Included|Guaranteed Departure

Enjoy Houtou Noodle Set Meal!
Assembly in Shinagawa.Shinjuku| Chinese.English Service

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👉 Kawaguchiko Day Tour|Tokyo Dep

👉 Kawaguchiko Day Tour|Tokyo Dep|Wine Steak Meals Included

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Arakurayama Sengen Park → Kawaguchiko Craft Park → Oishi Park → Saiko Iyashi-no-Sato Nenba

|Tasting Yamanashi Prefecture's Specialties - Houtou Noodle Set Meal.|
|Departure from Shinagawa and Shinjuku.|
|With English-speaking guide accompanying the group throughout the day.|
|Departure confirmed from 1 participants.|
|Departing everyday.(Excluding Wednesdays)|

At Arakurayama Sengen Shrine, you can capture Mount Fuji, a five-story pagoda, and cherry blossoms all at once.
Kawaguchiko Craft Park at the foot of Mount Fuji, you can see the reflection of Mount Fuji on the water's surface.
Oishi Park, where flowers bloom abundantly in all four seasons.
Saiko Iyashi no Sato Nenba, which recreates the Japanese homes of a century ago.


07:50In front of Kokuyo Tokyo Shinagawa Office【MAP】
08:30Shinjuku i-Land Tower LOVE sign【MAP】
10:30Arakurayama Sengen Park(70 mins)
12:00Kawaguchiko Craft Park (120 mins)
*Enjoy your Houtou Noodle Set Meal
14:10Oishi Park (30 mins)
15:00Saiko Iyashi-no-Sato Nenba(50 mins)
18:00Arrival back in Shinjuku Station


Arakurayama Sengen Park

Climb aboard one of our buses in central Tokyo and set off towards the Mt. Fuji area.
On clear days, you will already be able to see Mt. Fuji from afar during the bus ride.
A few stairs must be climbed to be able to reach the top, but the view is worth it.

Kawaguchiko Craft Park

Kawaguchiko Craft Park at the foot of Mount Fuji, you can see the reflection of Mount Fuji on the water's surface.

Houtou Noodle Set Meal(ほうとう)

Houtou noodles are a specialty of Yamanashi Prefecture, made up of noodles, tofu, and various vegetables.
Famed for its unique flavor and abundant ingredients, it lets you savor authentic Japanese local cuisine.

Oishi Park

Located on the banks of the lake, it offers seasonal scenery with various types of flowers.
Walk along the 350 meter long promenade on the west side of Oishi Park “Flowers road".
You can enjoy colorful flowers throughout the season.

Saiko Iyashi-no-Sato Nenba

The traditional houses with thatched roofs which will give you a glimpse into life in Japan.
Why not try on a kimono and take pictures around the village while wearing it?
Every house is home to a different museum, exposition, shop of local arts and crafts or activity.

Meeting Points

In front of Kokuyo Tokyo Shinagawa Office【MAP】

Local time in Japan.
Meeting time:07:40/Departure Time:07:50

Shinjuku i-Land Tower LOVE sign【MAP】

Local time in Japan.
Meeting time:08:20/Departure Time:08:30

Tour Details

Tour durationOne day
Departing fromShinagawa.Shinjuku
Transport byBus
Meal inclusion Lunch:Houtou Noodle Set Meal
Participants required for departure1 participant
Guided inEnglish
InclusionsRound-trip bus fare・Parking fees・Highway fees・Various taxes・Tour conductor fees・Saiko Iyashi-no-Sato Nenba Ticket
NOTICE・In case of tour cancellation, you will be contacted by email at least 4 days prior to the participation date.
・Commentary will be given inside the bus. Once the group arrives at a sightseeing spot, customers will be able to go around and visit at their own pace.
・Depending on the number of participants on the day, English and Chinese commentary might be in the same bus.
・Children under 3 years old can take part for free but have to be sat on their parent's lap as no seat will be provided.
・The tour schedule might be subject to changes due to the traffic conditions on the day.
・Please make sure to arrive at the meeting place at least 10 minutes before the departure time.
・Cancellation policy:
On the day: 100%
24hours prior to departure: 40%
from 2 to 7 days prior to departure: 30%
from 8 to 10 days prior to departure: 20%
11 days prior to departure: free cancellation

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