Privacy policy

Personal privacy protection policy

The website of HEISEI ENTERPRISE, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “this website”) needs to fill in the customer’s personal information when making reservations, inquiries, membership registration, etc., and log in to the database. The information registered by the customer will only be used by Heisei Corporation and its staff when providing services.

Enter personal information

When handling various applications on this website, personal information will be required to provide customers with the services required.

Purpose of use of personal data

Regarding various arrangements For the purpose of making reservations, sending materials, sending goods, answering inquiries, etc. Regarding the sending of the e-newsletter For customers who expressed their willingness to receive the e-newsletter from this website when filling in the form, we will send information on various events, cooking fairs, accommodation plans and other information. And customers can change their personal information or stop receiving newsletters.

Other contact

When the company needs to contact customers, it will contact customers by e-mail, telephone, letter, etc.

Management of personal information

The personal information that customers log on to the database of this website will be managed by the company’s internal management personnel and the company that has contracted with the company. The customer’s e-mail address is only used when sending e-mails from this website or when sending e-mails from Heisei Corporation and its employees. And will not disclose personal information other than email addresses.

Only in the following situations, it is possible to disclose the personal information of customers to third parties:
1. The purpose is to provide services, and there is a need to recognize the disclosure and sharing of information.
2. For the purpose of providing services, when the assistance company contracted with the company needs information.
3. When the customer agrees.
4. When government agencies such as police or courts make inquiries based on legal requirements.
5. Others, such as when customers, our company, and third parties have major emergency needs.

statistical data

The information that customers log on to this website will be formed into data for statistical use after removing the personal information. These data will only be used for market research. It will never be used for purposes other than the above, you can rest assured.

Use of cookies

This website will set and access cookies on your computer. Depending on the settings of the browser, the function of cookies may become invalid, making it impossible to use part of the functions of this website.

Login access record

This website will record visits to this website. Access records include domain name, IP address, browser type, access time, links and other information, but do not include identifying personal information. The access records will be used for the maintenance and management of this website and statistical analysis of the utilization status. It will never be used for purposes other than the above, you can rest assured.

Modification of privacy protection plan

When there are important changes to this policy, this website will post an announcement. Regarding other changes, please feel free to check on this website. This website is not responsible for any problems caused by failure to confirm. Please understand.