New!Himeji Castle・Arima Hot Springs・Mt. Rokko Day Trip!

🏯✨ Himeji Castle・Arima Hot Springs・Mt. Rokko Day Trip✨🏔️

🚀 Departure from Osaka Namba
Every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, with groups of 10 people. An unmissable itinerary!
Full assistance in Chinese/English throughout the journey, ensuring a seamless experience without language barriers.

🏞️ Itinerary Highlights:
🏯 Himeji Castle
Renowned as one of Japan’s most beautiful castles! A national treasure and a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its pristine white exterior and elegant architecture. 📸
🏡 Former Samurai Residence Park
Preserving the living area of the former samurai, offering insights into the lives and culture of historical Japan.
♨️ Arima Hot Springs
One of Japan’s oldest and most famous hot spring resorts, providing relaxation from travel fatigue and a chance to indulge in soothing baths.
🏔️ Mt. Rokko
Overlooking the port city of Kobe and the Seto Inland Sea, this magnificent view offers a breathtaking panorama—a prime spot for creating unforgettable memories!

💫 Four distinctive attractions in one day, offering a unique journey through Japan! 💫

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