【Open Top Bus】


Japan’s first rental service!

   Enjoy to hold birthday parties and watch fireworks on the bus!

   ◆   You can bring light food and drinks on the bus!

   ◇   DJ Live! Play your favorite music with the bus speaker!

   ◆   Free Wi-Fi!

※【Open Top Bus】Please note that according to the company’s safety regulations, a staff is required to accompany the whole process.

Free Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is available on the bus!
While enjoying the scenery, you can also use your mobile phone or tablet to upload every recorded moment to the community!

Please make sure you fasten your seat belt
   Has been committed to the safety of driving, and the safety of passengers will always be the first.
   Before departure, the staff will remind and confirm the passengers to fasten their seat belts.
   Once again, the seat belt is necessary. Please make sure you fasten it again when you take the bus.

   Open Top Bus charter planning

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