Nakaichi Vegetarian Restaurant

A Taiwanese restaurant that does not use meat, fish, or eggs and caters to vegetarians.

Cooking soy protein, tofu, yuba, konjac and other foods with unique techniques!

The cuisine ranges from authentic Chinese dishes such as sweet and sour pork and Peking duck to various Taiwanese vegetarian dishes such as noodles and dim sum.

You can also enjoy healthy food through takeaway.




Restaurant Information


Nakaichi Vegetarian Restaurant


1-19-8, Central 1st Building, Kunitachi City, Tokyo

7 minutes walk from JR Station South Exit
Business hours:11:15~15:00,17:00~22:00
Phone number:042-577-3446
Closed: On Tuesdays
Number of seats: 34 seats
Parking lot: None (there is a paid parking lot next to the restaurant)

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