A ramen shop located in Parco, Shibuya District, Tokyo’s fashion frontier

Vegetarian Dan Dan noodles are the restaurant’s original variety

Cold chicken noodles can not only satisfy the taste, but also eye-pleasing

The restaurant has a comfortable environment, and IPAD can be used to order food (note that the restaurant does not require a reservation)

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   JIKASEI MENSHO Ramen Parco Shibuya

     JIKASEI MENSHO Shibuya Map
  Address: 15-1, Utagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Basement Floor, Shibuya Parco 

  Transportation: 6 minutes walk from Shibuya Station on JR Yamanote Line
  Business hours:11:00~16:00,17:00~20:00
  Day off: None
  Number of seats: 20
  Corresponding language: Japanese

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